For two centuries Tsarskoe Selo was the imperial summer residence, the construction of which had national significance.

During this excursion you will see the Catherine’s Palace made by designs of F.B. Rastrelli in Russian baroque style. The Great Hall is an awesome luxury, parade halls, and of course the world-famous “Amber Room”.

Standard duration is app. 2 hours.

Please NOTE: in the high season queues to enter this museum can be really long and tough! Plan this visit beforehand and leave the rest of the day free.

Besides we would like to draw your attention to the following services which can be offered additionally.

Russian Troika ride

We offer to go on a ride on horse-drawn carriages at the Catherine/Alexander Park. They wait for you in front of the Golden Gate. Depending on the length (7 or 25 minutes) and route (small circle, large circle) cost of the trip is 200 or 800 rubles per person. For further info please contact our managers.

Boat ride

Boating on the Great Pond of the Catherine’s Park has always been a favorite pastime of the inhabitants of Tsarskoye Selo. And now, in the summer you can ride on a large pond on the gondola - the traditional Venetian boat, built in the shipyards of St. Petersburg with the exact observance of the Italian project - and the comfort in soft purple chairs and enjoy the amazing views of the park and pavilions.

Electric car

We are pleased to offer you a new service - a tour of the Catherine’s Park on the vehicle. During the trip you will see and learn about the history of numerous pavilions and monuments - the Grotto, the Cameron Gallery, Admiralty Chesmenskaya columns, Turkish bath, pyramids, Gothic gates, towers ruins, Orlov Gates, Concert Hall, Kitchen, ruins, evening room and others. Duration of trip - 1 hour. (from June 1 to August 31).

Admission and working hours

October to late April:
Tickets available only in Palace Vestibule  

Entry hours:
Wed to Mon: 10.00–17.00

Closed on Tuesdays,
and the last Monday of each month (Oct 26, Nov 30, Dec 28, Jan 25, etc)

Dec 12 (Sat) – closed
Dec 28 (Mon) – open
Dec 31 & Jan 1 – closed
Jan 5 (Tue) – open

Entry hours for individual visitors during national and school holidays
Jan 2 to 10: 12.00-17.00