There are lots of possibilities to get to know St. Petersburg and its citizens. Most of the visitors coming to us are struck by its richness and abundance in architecture at first.

Some find it a romantic city, others a city of culture collections and Russian tsar’s heritage. Anyway during a sightseeing tour you will discover most fascinating cites of the city including Nevsky prospect, Anichkov bridge, the Church of the Savior on Spilled Blood, the Mars field,  the Copper Horseman monument, ensemble of St. Isaac’s Cathedral, Palace Square, the Arrow of Vasilievsky Island, etc.


Please have a brief look on the way City Tour could be organized by SVOY TS. For some more special offers please contact the managers. Enjoy your stay in St. Petersburg!


City Highlights Tour

It’s a kind of private excursion provided on a car / a minibus / or a coach depending on a company you are travelling with. Main attractions are observed from the outside. A well-experienced guide is assisting you. The itinerary can be customized. Duration is 3 hours.

PLS NOTE: in case you want a more relaxed or solo introduction – you can join City Tour on a red scheduled double-decker. We can provide a ticket; head-phones and audio excursion are provided in the bus.


Walking Tour

This type could also be combined with visiting some of the most beautiful Underground stations. The route covers a historical part of the city centre and is designed for a sort “stand and stare” perception. You will see and enjoy the outside view of the Palace Square, Winter Palace, Kazan Cathedral, Mikhailovsky Castle, the Russian Museum, Gostiny Dvor, etc. Duration is about 2-3 hours.


Bird’s eye view of St. Petersburg

If you like panorama views and want to take some exclusive photos of the city please consider this type of tour that we offer. There are two possibilities: panoramic views from St. Isaac’s Colonnade and bell tower of Smolny Convent, and a more adventurous way – a helicopter excursion.