One of the most prominent architectural masterpieces of the XVIII century also called the Mikhailovsky Castle or the Engineers' Castle. 

It is a unique building in the historical centre of Saint Petersburg which represents a former royal residence of Russian Emperor Paul I and which was built by the projects of Vasili Bazhenov and Vincenzo Brenna especially engineered for Paul I. The castle is located on an artificially created island and in old times it could be reached only by drawbridges. The thing is that Paul I was afraid of assassination plots and hated the Winter Palace where he didn’t feel himself safe. Ironically, he was assassinated in 40 days after they moved in with his family to the newly built castle.

A combination of styles in architecture of the Mikhailovsky Castle alongside with its captivating and full of mysteries history is worth visiting and even some research, while walking in the area of this building a ghost of an assassinated Emperor could still be seen, as they say…

Here we gathered some popular facts and stories about St. Michael’s Castle and his legendary owner Paul I:

-       There is a popular belief that such an unusual color of the building wasn’t chosen randomly. Once Paul I was dancing in the ball room and his favorite Anna Lopuhina lost one of her gloves during the dance. Paul I picked up the glove but instead of giving it back he decided to give it to the architects so they could paint the castle in this pink-orange-yellow color.

-       “Mikhailovsky” the castle was called in honor of Archangel Michael who is believed to be Paul I’s patron. St. Michael’s temple was built on the inside territory of the castle.

-       There is an inscription on the south-eastern façade of the castle wishing “long life” to the owner. A well-spread legend among citizens of St. Petersburg says that the death of Paul I was predicted and according to this prophecy Paul I was supposed to live as many years as there are letters in this inscription. Believe it or not but Paul I lived exactly 47 years which is equal to number of the letters.

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