Now a Russian state museum and public park, Pavlovsk once was an 18-th century Imperial residence built for Paul I and his family.The architect of Pavlovsk Palace – Charles Cameron was invited by Catherine the Great.

To plan this residence he took the model of Palladian villas. While Paul I and his wife Maria Fedorovna were on a European trip they sent different art pieces they bought and were given as presents to Pavlovsk. These first-class works of art arrived to Russia and indicated to the architects what styles to choose for Pavlovsk Palace. Due to these circumstances Pavlovsk became the unique embodiment of amazing synthesis and harmony of architectural decoration and objects of decoration.

We think that visiting Pavlovsk is a good possibility to rest far from the city noise and breathe the fresh air while walking through a gorgeous vast park where you will see beautiful alleys, flourishing flowerbeds and magnificent buildings of the 19-th century. Most beautiful lakes and bridges will make the whole picture of old times revived. Thanks to its history and the owners who were a big loving family – Pavlovsk Palace and Park are enveloped in love and care which is still can be felt through the centuries and seen all around.

Interesting facts about Pavlovsk

-       Palace and Park were created in the period of 50 years and in two stages

-       Pavlovsk Park is one of the largest landscape parks in Europe with an area of over 600 hectares, also being considered the most beautiful one, where all the architectural structures are very elegantly inscribed into the natural landscape

-       The monument to Paul I in the façade of the Palace is an imitation of the monument to Louis XIV in Versailles

Working hours

Open daily from 10:00 to 17:45.

Entrance to the Palace closes at 17:15.

Box office is open from 10:00 until 17:00.

Days off - Friday and the first Monday of the month.

Pavlovsk Park is open daily from 06:00 to 21:00