Located on the Gulf of Finland this area cannot be called standard visitor attraction, but we think that there is much of interest to spend your time on. 

If you want to enjoy the true style of Peter the Great epoch in a beautiful quiet place – choose Oranienbaum, also known by Lomonosov name. Here you can get some fresh air, walk in the parks; see the Palace ensemble and the city which are UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Here are some tips what to visit during your stay in St. Petersburg and excursion to Oranienbaum.

Grand Menshikov Palace

Peter the Great’s closest advisor and Russian prince Alexander Menshikov was given the grounds near the seaside as a present. Architects Giovanni Maria Fontana and Gottfried Schaedel built his residence, the Grand Menshikov Palace, which central part is connected by two galleries to Japanese and Church Pavilions. The Palace presents one of the most opulent examples of Petrine architecture in Baroque style to have survived to the present during the II World War.

Chinese Palace                 

Though a relatively simple building looking from the outside, its restraint exterior decoration contrasts with the exquisite and diverse interior decoration. Chinese – it was called due to the fashion of that time and interior decoration of some rooms. There are 17 rooms inside decorated by Rinaldi and other leading artists of that time. The most famous among them is Steklyarusny office, which walls are decorated with embroidery in bugles. The bugles were made on the mosaic factory founded in the vicinity of Oranienbaum.

Katalnaya Gorka (roller coaster) Pavilion

Sliding Hill Pavilion was designed by Antonio Rinaldi and represents a multi-step stone building which by the folk traditions was constructed to celebrate end of the winter season in Russia during the Pancake week (in Russian called “Maslenitsa”). These slides served as a model for creating monumental slopes of the mountains in the royal residences that required complex engineering solutions. In Tsarskoye Selo in the middle of the XVIII century a stone roller coaster was built by F.Rastrelli. However, the Sliding Hill in Oranienbaum in its wealth of architectural and sculptural decoration has surpassed all similar structures!

Interesting facts about Oranienbaum

-       Lower Park is one of the first regular parks in Russia

-       Initially there were wooden statues in the garden that were coloured in marble style

-       Katal’naya Gorka’s slope was longer than 500 metres

-       Chinese Palace was previously called “Holland Palace”

Admission fees

For adults 200 rub.Oranienbaum Park and 400 rub Grand Palace

For students and children (children under 7 years old are free)100 rub., Grand Palace is 200 rub

Working hours

Grand Menshikov Palace 10:30-18:00

closed on Tuesdays 10:30-18:00

Chinese Palace (open from May 23) 10:30-18:00

closed on Mondays

Oranienbaum Park 09:00-20:00

The last Wednesday of the month is a sanitary day