Moscow by Night is full of magic. It is fascinating and enigmatic. 

Duration  2,5  hours  ,  Autumn / Winter  starts at  21:00 , Spring /Summer  at 22:30

One of the most popular tours of our guests is a tour through Moscow at night.

Moscow by Night is full of magic. It is fascinating and enigmatic. Excellent illumination turns the capital to the city of a fairy tale

A wonderful excursion begins with perhaps the most famous places in the whole Moscow - Red Square At night Red Square stuns with its magnificent illuminations. Solemn and austere in daylight, it looks elegant and festive in the glow of night lights

The Cathedral of Christ the Savior – is the next point of our trip. the magnificent Cathedral of Christ the Savior seems to be a magical castle from a fairy tale, full of mysterious charm.

Next place that deserves special attention are the Sparrow Hills. There is a unique view on Moscow at night with bird's-eye view from this place - at least 85 meters over of the Moscow-River.

All of Stalin's skyscrapers, erected in the mid 50-ies by the orders of Stalin are visible from the top of Sparrow Hills, including Moscow State University,

 Each skyscraper has a unique lighting. Panorama from Sparrow Hills is sure to impress guests: dazzling shining of metropolis with millions of lights makes the capital an unforgettable and beautiful. Magic night in Moscow fascinates.

Our guests will be  impressed by the panorama of Novodevichy Convent. This magnificent example of the Orthodox women's monastery was founded in 1524 by Prince Vasily III. There are a lot of stories and legends of Moscow connected with the monastery. It played a prominent role in the cultural life of Russia

Our  tour ends in Victory Park on Kutuzov Avenue with a stop near the Arch of Triumph. Victory Park was opened in Moscow in 1995 and is coincided to 50 years of victory over the fascist invaders. The original nighttime illumination of Victory Monument will not leave any spectator indifferent. Excellent coverage of the Arch of Triumph on Kutuzov Avenue, built in honor of the victory over Napoleon in 1812, will complement this impression.