We think that personal approach makes all the difference in your holiday. Whether it is a privately escorted tour, a close family travelling, a short business trip or an exciting group tour – every service we pick up for you is based on what we have learnt about you.

You have an opportunity to choose either “quick look” sightseeing tours to get the general impression of a city or a “dip dive” into some specific area of your interest. SVOY TS will provide you with anything you may need for it: good humored and well-experienced guides, museum tickets, excursion vouchers, etc.

Come and get a true taste of the destination you are exploring!


Moika 12 is a very special place for citizens of St. Petersburg. Often even guests of the city know some facts about this apartment and its owner before coming to visit us.  Read more

Yusupov Residence on the Moika is an urban estate type. The palace was built probably in 1770 by French architect Jean-Baptiste Vallin de la Mothe, and was acquired in 1830 by Yusupov family, one of the richest families of Russia. Read more

All work and no play is not a good thing as you know. That’s why in cooperation with our partners we offer you a relaxing but in the same time an informative option to visit Russian Vodka Museum. Read more

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