St. Petersburg is a cultural and creative capital of Russia, the city of white nights and pearl evenings. Guests from around the world want to see in St. Petersburg something quite special touch to what is called the St. Petersburg style in art.
We invite you to an unique evening of St. Petersburg hosted the grand receptions in the spirit of the nineteenth century


Welcoming guests

At the entrance to the palace guests with ladies in period costumes and invited to go to the first room, where they were waiting for the leading duo and court musicians.



Before entering the hall installed an easel with unfinished painting. The artist offers to add a picture, every guest completes the picture by one smear.
Then the picture will be inserted into the frame and during one of the buffet donated or sold to the guests during the holiday auction.

This fruit of collective work of all guests will be a wonderful souvenir of an unforgettable evening.



Opening the night

Opens the door to the ballroom.
Leading invites guests into the hall, where they are greeted by Orchestra Festival Overture.
Seating guests at the table

After dinner - the 3 Tenors

Enjoy the same success with the public trio of tenors.
Performed 3 arias (the aria are common unit):
  Calaf's aria from the opera J. Puccini's "Turandot";
  Song from the opera Duke George. Verdi's "Rigoletto";
  Nemorino's aria from the opera Donizetti, "The Elixir of Love."
 App. soloists of the Mariinsky Theatre.

The fragment from the ballet "Les Sylphides Chopin" Seventh Waltz

 Mariinsky Theatre soloists Honored Artist of Russia, laureate of international competitions.

Serenade for lady

One of the dams on the evening will be a surprise, however unexpected, as and enjoyable. Serenade for culprits celebration or the most honorable guest soloist of the Mariinsky Theater will perform.


The fragment from the ballet "Swan Lake", Russian dance

Honored Artist of Russia, soloist of the Mariinsky Theatre - Elena Bazhenova.

Opera duet:
   The waiters fill glasses of champagne guests.
Sounds Drinking song from Verdi's "La Traviata" performed a duet of opera singers who are among the guests.
   Both vocalist pass between the tables and clink their glasses to the guests. Duet performance of a drinking coda ends with fun...


Desserts time

Jazz band, Joker`s band, which completes the evening.