Cossack Show
Ensemble of dance and song o Cossacks “Bagatitsa”.

The North-West region of Russia is considered to be a “nonconventional” place for Cossacks. Yet a long time before the City of Peter was founded, in the 15th century, the Cossacks had been on guard in Ivangorod, the North-West border of Russia.

During the times of rein of Ivan the Terrible Cossacks were protecting more than ten military reservations. In St. Petersburg from the day of its founding Cossacks were on duty of personal guard of the Emperor. In 1769 there were formed three Life-Guard regiments: Regiment of The Life-Guard of His Majesty, Regiment of The Life-Guard of His Highness, Integrated Regiment of Escort of His Majesty. The memory of them is kept in the names of streets and bridges, historical quarters where they stayed and military churches.

In St. Petersburg from the date it was founded lived, worked, studied, taught and performed representatives of all kinds of Cossack forces. Many generations of Cossacks made significant contributions into art, culture and science of our city.

Young and talented Cossack Ensemble “Bagatitsa” set up in 2005 in St. Petersburg carefully keeps and successfully presents centuries-old traditions of the great nation. Exciting Cossack songs and dances, the energy and humor, amazing Cossacks costumes, high quality of performance bring joy to every person in audience. This is proved by extreme popularity of Cossack shows in Russia and abroad.