On Prince Siegfried’s birthday a glittering party is celebrated in the castle gardens. The lively jester entertains the guests, who raise their mugs in honour of the prince. They dance and celebrate happily and boisterously. Read more

St. Petersburg is a cultural and creative capital of Russia, the city of white nights and pearl evenings. Guests from around the world want to see in St. Petersburg something quite special touch to what is called the St. Petersburg style in art. We invite you to an unique evening of St. Petersburg hosted the grand receptions in the spirit of the nineteenth century Read more

Cossack Show Ensemble of dance and song o Cossacks “Bagatitsa”. The North-West region of Russia is considered to be a “nonconventional” place for Cossacks. Yet a long time before the City of Peter was founded, in the 15th century, the Cossacks had been on guard in Ivangorod, the North-West border of Russia. Read more