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St. Petersburg – Pushkin – Pavlovsk – Peterhof - Veliky Novgorod. (6 days / 5 nights)

1 day.Arrival in St. Petersburg, meeting with the guide, short panoramic tour round the city, transfer to the hotel.
Description. The sightseeing tour passes on the heart of the city. You will be carried away in the interesting travel on the main sights of the city. You will be able to plunge into the past St. Petersburg and anew to estimate all magnificence and beauty of Northern Venice.

Dinner and night in hotel.

2 day.Continuation , excursion in the Peter and Paul Fortress.
Description. The Peter and Paul Fortress on the Zayachy island — heart of St. Petersburg.I, most modern fortresses for the beginning of the XVIII century, never participated in military operations.But practically any event occurring here influenced destiny as the cities, and the countries in general. During excursion on the Peter and Paul Fortress you will get acquainted with a unique complex fortification constructions, the Peter and Paul Cathedral which is a place of burial of all the Russian emperors.

Lunch at restaurant.

Excursion in the Hermitage +impressionist.
The State Hermitage — pride of Russia, the cultural and historical museum, largest in the country, occupying 6 historical buildings the main thing among which there is a majestic Winter Palace. Today in the Hermitage nearly 3 million exhibits, among which painting works are collected, graphics, sculptures, subjects of applied art, collection of numismatics and archaeological monuments. And the Hermitage in 1764 as private collection of Catherine the Great who bought began collection from 220 pictures and placed them in the remote apartments of the palace which received the name "Hermitage" that in translation from French means "a privacy place". For visitors the museum was opened in 1852, and already then in it the richest collections of works of art were saved up. Today guests of the Hermitage can admire such masterpieces, as "The Madonna with the baby"

Dinner and night in hotel.

3 day.Excursion to Pushkin – Tsarskoe selo (Catherine Palace + Park)
Description. In Pushkin (Tsarskoye Selo) there is one of the greatest world pearls — country residence of the Russian emperors. It was created throughout two centuries by outstanding architects: Rastrelli, Cameron, Stasov. During bus excursion you visit Big Ekaterina's palace storing unique art treasures, the well-known Amber room and also you will see the magnificent park stretched before the palace occupying more than 100
Lunch in the Russian style at Podvorye restaurant.
Excursion to Pavlovsk (The Pavlovsk Palace + Park)pavlovsk
Description. Pavlovsk was the imperial residence of only 5 years, but all the same by right it is considered one of the largest pearls in a necklace of the well-known park ensembles of St. Petersburg. Whole the group of architects, sculptors and painters built and decorated palace and park ensemble .The Pavlovsk Palace attracts with splendor of shape, a harmony of proportions, severity and laconicism of forms. Pavlovsk Park with its magnificent landscape panoramas is one from the models of landscape gardening art, best in the world.

Dinner and night in hotel.

4 day.Excursion to Peterhof on the Meteor with visit of Park + the Big palace + Monplaisircollage5Description. Peterhof - the finest of pearls, "the gushing capital of the world" - all these titles belong to the favourite country residence located in 29 kilometers from St. Petersburg Russian emperors "Peterhof". In parks of Peterhof about 150 fountains . In them a set of palaces: Gauze, Hermitage, Monplaisir, separate Bathing and Ekaterina's cases. The center of the Peterhof imperial residence is Big The Peterhof Palace leaving the southern facade in the Top garden with fountains, northern - to To the big cascade of Nizhny park and Gulf of Finland.

Lunch at restaurant.

Return to hotel

Free time

Travel Tips

We recommend taking optional tours to Oranienbaum (Lomonosov) which is not far from Peterhof.

Dinner and night in hotel.

5 day.Excursion to Veliky Novgorod

Survey across Novgorod, with visit of the Kremlin and St. Sophia Cathedral
Description. Veliky Novgorod — the most ancient city of Russia, the large medieval center of trade and crafts, city museum. Exactly here the first Russian books were written and the first birch bark are found diplomas. The first mention of Novgorod as about the strengthened settlement occurs in the chronicle of 859 g, therefore this year began to be considered also year of birth of Novgorod.Since ancient times Novgorod shared on the Sofia and Trade parts which connected among themselves only foot Torgovym Bridge. Its name isn't casual, on it in due time all auction of the city was really conducted: The Sofia and Trade parts of the city met here, changed, bargained, happened, as fought. Today, in addition the foot bridge, at the city there is also an automobile — with not less picturesque views of the river and the Kremlin.

Lunch at restaurant

Yuryev monastery

Description. Based by the Novgorod prince Yaroslav at the beginning of the XI century. The monastery is located in 4 km from Veliky Novgorod on the bank of the Lake Ilmen. From 1989 of is transferred to the Novgorod diocese and more than 10 years is acting. In the territory of the monastery there is a cathedral Of St. George - the most unique monument of architecture of the XII century.

Dinner and night in hotel

6 day. Return back to St. Petersburg.

Excursion to Yusupov Palace and departure from St Petersburg
Description. The history of Yusupov Palace is very confused: after it was constructed, it sold and bought, gave and accepted as a gift a huge number of times, until it not the prince Yusupov which family lived five generations there bought. The palace is also known because of Grigory Rasputin's murder who occurred in it. It put the end to possession of the palace for Yusupov' family, because Felix Yusupov, the last owner of the palace, it was kneaded in this murder.The princely family had a fine taste, and they spent a lot of time, restoring the palace and leading up it to perfection inside and outside. Interiors of the palace and now remain just the same, as in times when Yusupov lived in these rooms.

Transfer to airport and departure by internation flight

Travel Tips

While in Veliky Novgorod indulge yourself to visit also Wooden Architecture Museum – Vitoslavlitsy.

You will find there a range of traditional for Russian peasants but seeming so old for current living occupations. For example you can watch a theatre performance with carols, fortune telling, traditional games and refreshments. You can also go on workshop classes and learn to make yarn.