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Moscow & towns of Golden Ring 7 Days /6 Nights


This is the "golden circle" of ancient Russian towns, houses, and monuments of the 12th to the 17th century.

These communities are sometimes referred to as "museums under the sky."

1 day.
A meeting with the guide at the airport, a transfer in hotel. A dinner and night in hotel.

2 day. A meeting with the guide on a reception of hotel. Moving to Sergiev Posad (82 km). Excursion on Trinity-Sergius Lavra. Departure to Pereslavl-Zalessky (71 km). Lunch. A sightseeing tour around the city during which you visit Red Square, the center the cities, you will see the earth shaft of 12 century which are high on the list on the safety among constructions similar to them in the ancient Russian cities, take pleasure in Pleshcheev's panorama lakes. Visit of one of the operating monasteries. Acquaintance to Goritsky's monuments monastery. Accommodation in hotel. Dinner in hotel.

3 day. Moving to Rostov Veliky (65 km). The excursion program begins with Rostov The Kremlin which is in the downtown and strikes with the majestic beauty. Except architecture monuments Rostov Veliky is famous for original art of the picturesque enamels – enamel which is well-known far outside Russia. Visit of the museum "The Rostov enamel" (winter), excursion "Transitions on walls of the Kremlin" (summer). Moving to Yaroslavl (54 km). Lunch. The sightseeing tour across Yaroslavl begins with the Arrow, where 1000 back Yaroslav the Wise founded the city. Nearby the most majestic cathedral is erected Yaroslavl – Uspensky. The program proceeds walk on Volzhskaya Embankment, where settled down the so-called house of Bolkonsky (described in Lev Tolstoy's novel "War and the world"), Arsenalnaya a tower, the Spassky monastery (territory) - powerful fortifications with angular towers, department "Old Russian art". And also you will get acquainted with architecture numerous posadskikh of churches of Yaroslavl. Moving to Kostroma (79 km). Accommodation in hotel. Dinner in hotel.

4 day. A sightseeing tour across Kostroma. Survey of a central square of the city from its unique planning and monuments of architecture of the XVIII-XIX centuries, malls, Bogoyavlensky cathedral, church of Revival - on - Debra. Acquaintance to Ipatiev Monastery –magnificent creation of the Russian architects and icon painters, cradle of an imperial dynasty Romanov. Lunch. Moving to the Reach. Sightseeing tour around the city. Picturesque town, located on the cool coast of Volga, thanks to the natural features was received glory of "the Russian Switzerland". Acquaintance to history and sights of the city. Departure to Vladimir. Accommodation in hotel. Dinner in hotel.

5 day. The excursion program to Gus-Khrustalny. You visit this small silent the town, you will admire one of the best collections of domestic glass vmuzy Crystal, and also visit the market where unique opportunity to get the magnificent will be presented to you crystalware and souvenirs. Return to Vladimir (68 km). Lunch. Sightseeing tour across Vladimir. You will be able to see white stone monuments of the XII century – Golden Gate, Cathedral of St. Demetrius, Assumption Cathedral in which frescos of great Russian remained icon painter Andrei Rublyov (XV century). Moving to Bogolyubovo (14 km)Excursion on the Bogolyubovsky monastery in the territory of which in the XII century there was Andrey's residence Bogolyubsky. Walk to the Church of the Intercession on the Nerl of the XII century – a pearl of Old Russian architecture. Return to Vladimir. Accommodation in hotel. Dinner in hotel

6 day. Excursion to Suzdal. Visit of the Kremlin with Krestovy chamber (interior) and a cathedral Christmases of the Virgin (architecture), Museum of wooden architecture, Spaso-Evfimiyev the monastery, the Pokrovsky monastery (from an observation deck). Lunch.Return to Moscow (224 km). An approximate arrival time to Moscow – 22:30 (proceeding from transport situation).

7 day. A transfer in the airport...