Exotic Venues

The pole of cold – the most unique place on Earth, is it in the district Oimyakon in Yakutia.
In the whole world there are no more places where at so low temperatures constantly live and work people. Average monthly temperature of January makes: — 61C °, and in the coldest days: — 68C °. The academician Obruchev who visited these parts with expedition in 1926 at the meteorological supervision established the lowest temperature for this district: — 71,2

Duration: 8 days / 7 nights

Route: Yakutsk – Handyga – the village of Oimyakon – the village of Tomtor – Handyga – Yakutsk.


Day 1

• Arrival in Yakutsk early in the morning. A meeting at the airport, a transfer to hotel, accommodation, breakfast, rest.

• A transfer to the ethnographic Chochur-Muran complex.

• Acquaintance with Yakut laika ( dog ), driving on dogsleds on the lake Ytyk-Kyuel .

• A lunch at restaurant of the Chochur-Muran complex.

• Visit of underground ice gallery "Permafrost Kingdom".

• A sightseeing tour around the city with visit of the museum of History and Culture of peoples of the North , Museum of the Mammoth.

• A dinner at restaurant of ethnic cuisine "Muus Haya".

• A transfer to hotel.

Day 2

10:00 Departure along a route: Yakutsk – Oimyakon (1000 km),

night in the village of Handyga (433 km). Time in the movement about 8-10 hours.

• At the beginning of a way (the Tattinsky ulus), somewhere at 12-14 o'clock in the afternoon, the stop in the museum complex Cherkekh.

• A lunch on the way

• Arrival hotel, accommodation, dinner , rest.

Day 3

A breakfast in hotel, a transfer from Handygi to Oimyakon (567 km). Time in the movement about 12 — 14 hours, a route lie through the Verkhoyansk ridges, on Kolyma To path – "The road on bones", the unique road constructed by prisoners of GULAG during the period Stalin era.• Around a meteorological station East – a lunch -box.

• Arrival to Oimyakon late at night.

• Accommodation and dinner in private hotel, rest.

Day 4

• breakfast in hotel.

• A ritual ceremony – Algys, a prayer will be turned to the Top deities on a favoring guests and praying. Also ritual includes sacred ignition, fire feeding.

• Visit of a farm where revive the Yakut breed of cows – differs from ordinary cows

small growth and weight. Unlike the European branch which came from round

allegedly occurs from a Hindu humpbacked zebu. Animal breeds of the Yakut cow

are characterized by exclusively high survival.

• Excursion to the most cold place where the most negative temperature (-71,2 C) was registered.

• The cultural program performed by children's ethnographic dancing ensemble.

• Obtaining the certificate "Cold pole" in administration of Oimyakon.

• dinner in hotel.

• A Russian sauna ( Banya), dinner in hotel, rest.

Day 5

• breakfast in hotel.

• Fishing in the Indigirka River (15-20 km). Possibility of personal participation and receiving skills of subglacial fishing, cutting of fish.

• Tasting of "stroganina". A variety of fish — depends on a season.

• Swimming in Indigirka (at the request of clients).

• Departure to a horse-farm where you will see a unique Yakut horse who is surviving during the whole winter in the open air and gets a forage under snow.

• A dinner in hotel, rest.

Day 6

• Breakfast.

• Early departure, about 8:00 mornings along a route Oimyakon — Tomtor — Yuchyugey.

• Excursion in museum of local history in the village of Tomtor.

• Acquaintance with the life and life of Even reindeer breeders, driving on deer, a lunch at reindeer breeders.

• A transfer to Handygu.

• Arrival in the settlement Handyga approximately in 21:00-22:00.

• Dinner. Rest in hotel.

Day 7

• Breakfast.

• Early departure to Yakutsk around 7:00.

• Arrival to Yakutsk around 16:00.

• Visit of jewelry, gift shops.

• Accommodation in hotel.

• A dinner at restaurant. Rest in hotel.

Day 8

• Early breakfast.

• A transfer in the airport for departure from Yakutsk.