Exotic Venues

Kamchatka tour- fishing tour.
An Exclusive fishing tour

1 day – flight Moscow-Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky. A transfer to the hotel.

Accommodation. Dinner. Overnight

2 day Breakfast

Departure from Petropavlovsk by special helicopter to the riverheads of Zhupanov. On the way -

view of volcanoes Avacha, Koryak, Zhupanovsky, Dzendzur (in flight - 50-55 minutes).

Arrival, beginning of fishing. Hereinafter - spending the night in forest hotel with comfort –

shower, toilet, the Russian bath, meals of Kamchatka delicacies - wild meat and fresh salmon , crabs ( chatka), sea delicacies, red caviar.

3-4 day Breakfast

Fishing by a spinning and a flyfishing by means of water-jet boats down the river Zhupanova, a look on an active volcano Karymsky, supervision of river birds, fishing from water and ashore -stops on reaches, rifts, at channel. Trophies - the river loach, the mountain loach, iridescent trout (mikizha), salmons. The river without poachers and strangers, in private possession, it is well protected, inaccessible to any transport and big trophies are guaranteed– 100% production guarantee. Supervision of bears in natural habitat is possible .

5 day Breakfast

Return to Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky by helicopter, visit of the market of red fish- salmon, caviar, and souvenirs, then transfer to the hotel. Dinner. Overnight

6 day Breakfast

Transfer to the airport, a departure to Moscow with further connection with international flight.