Hotels of Moscow


Address: Moscow, Prospekt Mira, 150

"Cosmos" Hotel offers the opportunities for events of all levels, from small business meetings to large conferences, concerts and exhibitions. Conference halls of "Kosmos" hotel are very comfortable, so there is a guarantee of the highest level of events. 

Great Congress Hall for 1000 people, 1400 m2

"Mercury" Hall for 30 persons, 45 m2

"Venus" Hall for 35 persons, 50 m2

"Pluto" Hall for 30 persons, 55 m2

"Jupiter" Hall for 50 persons, 50 m2

"Neptune" Hall for 100 persons, 120 m2.

"Saturn" Hall for 250 persons, 213 m2

Marble Hall: 400 m2

Mirror Hall: 272 m2

The Lobby of the Concert Hall: 600 m2

Banquet hall "Evening Cosmos” for 500 persons, 693 m2

Galaxy Central Hall for 300 persons, 828 m2.

5 meeting rooms "Galaxy" – each for 30-50 persons.